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Sun and Gold

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoldfinches have been constant guests at my bird feeders this winter and showed up in record numbers during the recent snow. Their less colourful off season plumage is starting to change back to the bright yellows and black we most often associate with this cute little bird. They are quite entertaining to watch and seem to not mind my presence if I remain still.

I recently completed a new felted tile featuring a goldfinch on one of my giant sunflower seed heads. It was one in a series of sunflower tiles that I just finished and posted on  my website a few days ago. I’ve done several bird tiles but this was my first goldfinch. Based on the immediate success of this first finch tile, I will be making more. Within hours of posting it on my website it was sold to one of my collectors! She is enjoying this little ray of sunshine now.


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Setting Sun Felt

Back in March I wrote about a large, natural dyed wool felt wall piece I had started. Eventually I finished the wool “painting” and was very pleased with the result. I displayed it at Lyndhurst NY in early May and again at Mayfair in Allentown this past weekend. I am happy to say it has already found a home with art patron, collector and friend Stafford Wavrek . He told me he had to rearrange some of his existing pieces to accommodate the new acquisition. He is shown posing with the new art in my booth.

Setting Sun Felt

Setting Sun Felt


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