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Fairy House Mushroom – SOLD

This past weekend at the Artrider Show held in the armory in Morristown, NJ, a collector of mine purchased one of my more dramatic pieces – Fairy House Mushroom. This felted sculpture is approximately 15 inches tall and consists of a base representing the largest 3-dimensional wet-felted vessel I have ever made. The wool fiber I used was all naturally hand-dyed using Brazilwood. I carved the door and windows then followed with needle-felted decorations. Inside the house is a needle-felted, multi-colored swirl rug. The cap has swirls on the outside with the underside of the cap being needle-felted, multi-colored stripes.

The collector, who told me she had the perfect location in her home for it, was pleased that it wasn’t so large that she would have to worry about her cat getting into it. Having previously purchased one of my felted cat sculptures, she knew the quality and style that I bring to my work. I am already planning my next mushroom sculpture, but as these are very work intensive pieces, each one is unique and made one at a time.

The Artrider show was a successful event and a good start to my show year! Next Saturday (March 21) you may find me at the North Penn Select Craft Show (Lansdale, PA), my first time being invited to the prestigious and well attended event. See my website for a full show schedule and links to the event.

Fairy House Mushroom

Fairy House Mushroom


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