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Barn Cat Bonanza


I’ve been working on a posse of new bright swirl cats for the summer craft shows and art galleries. The textured weathered wood of my old barn contrasts perfectly¬†with the intense wool colours of the hand felted cat sculptures.



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Shearing Day at Shady Grove Farm

Once a year, in the spring, it is time to shear the alpacas. There are two benefits: fiber harvest time for me and a cool summer haircut for the animals. Since the temperature on the chosen

Linda assisting with sheering

Linda assisting with sheering

day in May soared into the mid-eighties the animals appreciated their sleek new look right away. The lower level of my barn was used for the operation as it is cool and fairly spacious. Two men from Worthington Acres Alpacas handled the clipping and several of my friends showed up to assist in the fleece collection process. I have thirteen animals so the shearing takes a few hours.

I end up with two bags of fiber from each animal which represent two qualities of wool. The blanket fleece is the first quality fiber for spinning and the neck and leg wool is seconds that I can use to make felt.

Alberto grazing with new haircut

Alberto grazing with new haircut

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