Final Felting Stage


Rubbing to felt the wool fibers

After many hours of design work, my new landscape piece is ready for wet felting by hand. I saturate the wool with lukewarm soapy water and then rub it to create friction. I use a plastic bags so the wool fibers don’t stick to my gloved hands. Wool fibers are covered with scales much like miniature pine cones. The soap helps the fibers slide together from the rubbing, the scales interlock, air pockets are removed and what is left is felted wool. I start rubbing very gently at first and then with more vigor as the fibers condense and start holding together. I thoroughly rub both sides and when I am satisfied with the structure I rinse it several times to remove all traces of soap. It will dry over night or longer near my coal stove.


Wetting the design with warm soapy water


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One response to “Final Felting Stage

  1. This whole process has been so interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have learned a lot. It is a “masterpiece”!!


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