New Felt Art Piece Started

This Saturday I participated in the North Penn Craft Show in Lansdale PA. It was a uniquely pleasant show experience and I met some wonderful new people. After being gone two weekends in a row, my “to do” list is two pages long. No where on the list does it say make a wild new felt art work using all natural dyed wool colours, but that is what I started working on today.

The street I lived on in NJ was a beautiful little path in the woods called Setting Sun Trail. There was a hill to the west covered in oak trees so, ironically, it was impossible to actually see the sunset. My little farm in PA, however, has an incredible view of the western sky in all it’s colorful glory. I am layering wool roving that I dyed using goldenrod, coreopsis flowers, brazil wood, indigo and logwood to create depth in the sky. More images to come as the piece progresses!

new project


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  1. Rich

    You are definitely capturing the beauty of the sunsets of Northwestern NJ! And remember the sunsets over the onion fields in Pine Island?!

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